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The following companies have made our free and private events possible with their sponsorship.
Please help us in showing them appreciation with your business!

Become a Fun with Friends sponsor! Click below to view our sponsorship proposal. 



Luis Perez Photography provides events, wedding & portrait photography in the Knoxville and surrounding areas. Capturing your memories to last a lifetime!
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We are a coed recreational sports league who pride ourselves in fun, growth, community and good sportsmanship! We are based in Knoxville, TN and hold hands with our social group, Fun with Friends Knoxville. We have all social and coed leagues from basketball, softball, kickball, beer pong, bowling, cornhole and so much more! Please check us out at!




Our clinic is a specialized neuromuscular therapy center, distinct from a spa, with a primary focus on sports therapy, chronic pain management, and post-operative care. Our approach to therapy is enhanced through cutting-edge biotechnologies such as cold laser, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), medi-cupping, lymphatic and bioelectric massage. All our therapists hold dual certifications in massage therapy and corrective exercises, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to each client's needs.


Our clientele includes a diverse range of individuals, from professional athletes and Olympians to parents, geriatrics, and those with neurological or muscular dysfunctions. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, specialized care for individuals seeking effective and personalized solutions to enhance their overall well-being.
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As a functional master herbalist, I founded Saucy Foxy to be driven by the belief in the body's inherent capacity to heal itself. My personal journey, marked by an autoimmune condition & systemic allergies to pharmaceutical medications, led me to embrace herbal remedies.


At Saucy Foxy, we take pride in crafting most of our products in-house, ensuring a commitment to quality and a hands-on approach to the manufacturing process. Specializing in hormone, thyroid, and autoimmune issues, we provide gentle and supportive solutions for those seeking natural alternatives to conventional medicine. Our holistic approach extends to collaborating with clients' entire medical teams, creating tailored wellness plans that align with individual goals and lifestyles.

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Offering a full selection of beauty services, Top Knox Beauty Bar is ready to provide you with a top notch salon experience. View all of their services and book here:
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MBA has a mattress for every budget! They buy mattresses by the truckload, direct from the factory (Tempur-Sealy with warranties). They meet with you at set times, which gives you the opportunity to take your time picking out the mattress that’s perfect for you.


Offering a $10 initial payment program! Queens start at $150 then up, Kings start at $275 and up. You can take a new mattress home or have it delivered the same day!
View all of their inventory and schedule here: OR call 865-399-8756
Find them on Facebook HERE

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