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"...New York style pizza locations?"

We often see the question, "Where can I find the closest NY style pizza in Knoxville". Look, we all know none reach the perfection of true NY pizza. Those of us from there or who have been there understand this. However, the following come very close to giving us the experience and taste that we miss. First, we put up a poll in the FwF Knoxville Group. We had many entries but some did not really meet the criteria. Therefore, we only took the top 4 voted for this poll. Which were in this order:

  • 42 Votes - Gavino's Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant Located at 5211 Kingston Pike

  • 28 votes - Elidos Pizza Located at 6714 Central Ave Pike STE J

  • 8 votes - Little Nicky's New York Pizza Located at 8917 Oak Ridge Hwy

  • 6 votes - Dazzo's Pizzeria Located at 710 S Gay St

Then, we had a Small Gathering Social meetup where FwF brought pizza from all 4 locations and asked everyone to vote. The votes played out like this:

  1. Gavino's

  2. Elido's

  3. Little Nicky's

  4. Dazzo's

The taste testers matched what the poller's stated without even knowing!

Gavino's won both in a landslide. With that, they take the crown for top NY Style Pizza in FwF Knoxville! Please check out each of the top 4 and see for yourself! We would love to hear your feedback and also hear about any locations not on this page. We just ask that they are local to Knoxville, or at least TN, and not chain locations. Please note that there are other locations, services, etc in this amazing city that did not make our lists. We will revisit this list annually and update. FwF does not add to these lists or create the choices, it's YOU. Our FwF community all vote and test. We just take the results and share.

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