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Founded in 2018, Fun with Friends Knoxville (FwF) is a highly active social group in East TN with thousands of members. The concept of the group began with Saeed Ghezawi and Dusty Foust, who created and grew the social group. 

We began as a small group of friends meeting twice a week. Every week we would invite people at the establishments to join us that evening and the following as we played games, socialized and hung out. Realizing the benefit in this, we began a Facebook group page. In 2019, Saeed stepped away.


In 2020, we began our very own social coed sports and gaming division, Fun with Friends Sports LLC. It began with our bowling league then cornhole. It has since expanded to softball, kickball, youth sports, volleyball and much more with even more on the horizon! Please see for more info regarding this. 


That same year we also rebranded the name of our community outreach division to Fun with Friends Helping Hands. We are an official 501c organization who try to focus on our local Knoxville and FwF community. We do also hold hands with other organizations to assist in fundraising and finding cures. Please see the Fun with Friends Helping Hands tab on this page for more information! 

In 2021, FwF expanded once more to begin FwF Productions. The first venture in this is FwF LIVE! A weekly talk show that goes live on our Facebook group page then later edited for our LIVE YouTube channel. On LIVE we showcase not only our FwF community but the Knoxville and surrounding areas. Our goal is to keep the show fun but we also spread awareness and light to serious matters as well. This same year we began the FwF Impact Awards. An annual gala held to give recognition to our community members and those in the greater Knoxville area.

FwF Knoxvillle is about helping create friendships in a safe and welcoming environment. This group is all about getting Knoxville locals together for all sorts of group outings. We hope to help new residents find their home, place and people here in Knoxville. It is not the easiest to make friends as an adult. We also understand the anxieties and so much more that come into play when entering a new group of people. Many of us have been in those shoes. Driving to a place only to turn around and go back home due to anxiety. Putting yourself out there to meet people only to be ignored or treated as an outsider. We've felt that and we try hard to make sure we are different in this aspect. We call our group a community, because that's what it is. We aren't simply a meet-up group, a sports group, a charity...we are a community of friends. We so look forward to the opportunity of meeting you! There is therapy in friendship and it's a powerful thing. Please be sure to check out our events tab!
Welcome home to Fun with Friends Knoxville! 

"There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met." - William Butler Yeats

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